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Available in four formats

Giveaway Rules

From time to time, we promote the book with giveaways. Rules apply for each kind of event. If there's a variation, it will be posted here or during the event.

During Live PD shows: Several ebooks are offered for free.

1 - Trivia - The follower to answer the question correctly gets a free copy of the book in PDF format (the ebook).

Caption This - The person with most likes to their comment gets the free copy. If a tie, the older post in Twitter gets the copy.

2 - Giveaways are posted in Twitter. After a while, and having the Twitter address, the giveaway is also posted in a page in this site with a link to the post in Twitter where your response or comment has to be posted. Use this option to see all current giveaways and go directly to the posts.

3 - Limit times are given to the giveaways to get a winner and to start the distribution of the ebook copies. Times vary from a couple hours to several days. All times are defined in each giveaway. 

4 - Results will be published in this site in the same page mentioned in 2- but updated.

5 - If there's not a winner for a question, time will be extend for that particular question. Additional information and tips will be added to get a winner. We may decide to declare the person providing the closest answer as the winner or no winner.

6 - You can win multiple times in the same or different dates. Giveaway book is the same, but you can request the copy to be sent to a different person as your gift.

7 - If you are announced as a winner, we require you to send us a message with the email address where you want the copy of the book delivered. Winners need to be followers to be able to send messages.