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Any person or organization in need of funds. K9s, supplies, medical expenses, SPCAs, school supplies, scholarships, you name it. As long as it is to help, we're in.

How it works:

A product page for each of the book formats you want to offer is created: Print, Kindle, ePUB, PDF. See the buy options in this site. You'll have your own. You'll get the links for each of the pages and you can use them in your site, store, press releases, flyers, or any other place you consider appropriate.

Any sales going through the pages assigned to you will generate a donation to your organization. Totals are gathered at the end of the month and funds are sent to the account you define. Supporters pay using PayPal, although having a PayPal account is not mandatory.


Shipments are performed directly to the buyers of the printed version. eBooks are downloaded at the moment of the transaction. 


Get in contact for bulk shipments and additional details.