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Friday, December 14, 2018

12/14/2018 Live PD Giveaway Winners

Q1 - What's the name of all four in this image and where they work (two of them)?
Answer: Cpl. James Craigmyle, K9 Lor, Olivia (Bean), Gracie; Greene County Sheriff's Office 
Winner: Angela von Schwarz @Avonschwarz

Q2 - What's the name of this Live PD Fan and Twitter username?
Answer: K9 Ruby, @Max_n_Ruby 
Winner: Melissa @melissa3102015

Q3 - What's the agency these two (to the left) work for, name of the unit, and what's their function?
Answer: Customs and Border Protection, Beagle Brigade, prevent plant pests and animal disease from entering the country. USDA created the Beagle Brigade in 1984 and in 2003 the inspectors were transferred to CBP. 
TickledDog‏ @HeartNotDivided (closest answer)

Q4 - Who's this guy and where does he work?
Answer: K9 Drago, Williamson County (WilCo) Sheriff's Office
Chrissandria Beltran‏ @Chrissandria1 (closest answer)

Q5 - What's the name of this hero and where did he work?
Answer: K9 Vader, Virginia State Police. Killed in action. 
Winner: *** none ***