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Sunday, December 9, 2018

12/08/2018 LivePD Giveaway Winners

Q1 - Jack in the Box takedown, what's the name of the dog, handler, and agency?
Answer: Ammo, Kyle Lofstrom, Redondo Beach PD 
Winner: Trump 2020

Q2 - What's the other breed name used for German Shepherd dogs?
Answer: Alsatian 
Winner: Scott Farris

Q3 - Who's the newest K9 in WilCo, what's the breed, where he comes from?
Answer: Bolo, Lab mix, WilCo Animal Shelter 
Winner: Alison M Thomas

Q4 - Who's this pair and where they work?
Answer: James Abraham and K9 Denzel, Richland County Sheriff Department @RCSD
Winner: PaigeTylerAuthor

Q5 - Who's this guy, handler, and agency?
Answer: K9 Dobies, Deputy Christina Demas, Pasco 
Winner: Mz.Tracy