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Saturday, December 8, 2018

12/07/2018 LivePD Giveaway Winners

Q1 - Warwick PD - Who's going to substitute K9 Viking and what is he/she being trained on?
Answer: Garry, Narcotics and Patrol 
Winner: RobinPhillips

Q2 - What's the dog name, breed, handler name, and agency? 
Answer: Tyr, Giant Schnauzer, Chad Malanowitch, Saskatoon Police (Canada)
Winner: Faith-Catholic

- Who is the K9 in this "takedown ballet" and what was the suspect charged for?
Answer: K9 Shep, auto theft, also child endangerment, resisting 
Winner: ChantalTremblay

Q4 - What's the name of the dog, what happened to the dog (medical condition) and why?
Answer: Avi, broken tail, apprehending a burglary suspect
Winner: Lindsay

Q5 - WilCo - Name @SheriffChody 's Magnificent 9
Answer: Nemo, Drago, Max, Bolo, Fuze, Bodhi, Enzo, Axel, Kato 
Winner: Katie Elizabeth