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Thursday, December 6, 2018

12/05/2018 LivePD Giveaway Winners

Q1 - One Wilco K9 had an emergency procedure recently. Name the K9 and what was the medical condition?
Answer: K9 Drago, enlarged spleen 

Winner: Kathy_and_Rick

Q2 - Pasco County Sheriff's K9 Knox tracked a suspect down the swamp. What did Knox do when he found the suspect stuck in mud?
Answer: Lick his face/kisses
Winner: Pam

Q3 - 
Warwick PD. Besides K9 Viking, who is the other K9 in the Unit (in operation), and who is the handler?
Answer: K9 Fox, Paul Wells 

Winner: Ashley

Q4 - What's the name of the handler, the K9, and the agency they work for?    * tricky question *
Answer: Joanie OBrian, Zesus, No agency. Joanie is a K9 fan and in a Halloween costume 
Winner: Debbie Cooper

Q5 -
Franklin County - What's the name of the four Law Enforcement therapy dogs and which one of those is still in training?
Answer: Mattis, Stark, Kit, and Woody the trainee 
Winner: Official_ByzQueen