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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

12/01/2018 LivePD Giveaway Winners

Q1 - Who was the judge in K9 Nemo's trail and what was Nemo accused for?
Answer: K9 Drago, Toys/Kongs 

Winner: Macy 

Q2 - What country does K9 Shep come from?
Answer: Hungary 

Winner: lisa0918

Q3 - Cpl. Gavin Walmsley, Richland County 
Sheriff RCSD is working with K9 Emy. What's the name of Walmsley's two previous K9 partners?
Answer: K9 Iron, K9 Rico 

Winner: Katie Elizabeth

Q4 - Family values, thru the years and thru generations.
What's the name of the officer in this photo with her grandfather and where she works today?
Answer: Jill Mashall, Warwick PD 
Winner: Daniel 

Q5 - Yesterday, @PascoSheriff was asked to assist to recover a bird. What's the name of the bird song, based on other two songs, and the band who played it?
Answer: Surfin Bird, The Trashmen 
Winner: Christine Cougar